3 signs your website is dated

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Not sure if your website is dated and losing you potential clients? If you are a small or medium-sized business that has been around for a number of years and its been a while since you have updated your website. A redesign might be in order. Consider your website one of the first opportunities to make an impression on potential customers, you don’t want to be thought of dated and them leaving your site for your competitor.

Below are 3 reasons that your business’s website could be dated.

1. Site is not responsive (mobile friendly)

A responsive website just means that when viewed on a mobile it is readable and easily navigated, no different from when using a desktop. A simple way to test this is to open your internet browser on your mobile phone and load your website. The styling and content should not change just the ratios and scale.  Below is an example of a website that does not scale:


As you can see it is quite hard to read the text without zooming in, and in an ever-growing mobile-friendly world you don’t want your business falling behind because of an unresponsive website.

2. Your site is not secure

This is a big one these days if your site is secure people will trust your website and will more likely do business with you. It is also beneficial for you personally as your site won’t be vulnerable to hackers, who could steal your personal information. So, what does it matter, how can people tell? Well, it is very obvious when on a site that is not secure viewers are notified by a note before your site URL:

Not Secure
Not secure

and if it is secure, they will see a lock symbol, followed by “https://” like this one:

Secure Website

*I will cover how to get the lock and https for your website in another article in the future.

3. The overall design looks dated

Like fashion, design styles and trends come and go, but some are gone for good. Here are some no-nos: Heavy text-based designs, plain one-colour background (especially black), one primary colour that is a bit too in-your-face, unreadable typography, small images, the list go on. Your website is a reflection of your business, if a potential client lands on your site and they don’t know you or your values. If you have a old or poorly done website, they will assume that you aren’t the company to do business with.

I have provided below two sites that could possibly do with a redesign. Real Automotive and Cool Beans Kitchen

Poorly designed website
The black background and the bright green text makes the text difficult to read

Bonus: No clear call-to-action (CTA)

If we take the example of the Real Automotive website above, can you see a clear call to action button? Where is the “book in your service now” button? If I’m having trouble with a car and I land on this page I can’t see the next step, it isn’t that obvious. I will probably be going elsewhere.

I hope these 3 things help you identify if your site is dated. Here are 3 up and coming website design trends that could make your website look modern and help attract customers. If you think I left anything out or you have any questions let me know in the comments or hit me up. If you think your website needs a redesign and don’t know where to start, you can book in a free website review with me here.


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