5 things you need to do to boost your SEO ranking

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If you are a small to medium business just breaking into the online space, or maybe you just want to gain some knowledge on how to get your website ranking higher in Google searches, you are in the right place. This is going to be a basic introduction to SEO ranking, how it works and how to rank higher.

So, first things first, what exactly is SEO? SEO is short for, Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of getting organic (free) traffic from search results on search engines like Google and Bing. Why is this important? This is important because if you are a start-up or a small to medium-sized business, then you more than likely do not have the big bucks to spend on marketing like your big brother competitors. So, this is a free way to get traffic to your website.

 Paid Ads

SEO listings

It will take a bit longer to rank higher, however out of all the searches done across the different search engines, a staggering 91.5% of traffic share is generated by the sites listed on the first results page. That means that if you are on the first page of the search engine results, you will be 10 times more likely to a visitor than if you were on the second page.

So here are my 5 tips to boost your SEO ranking and rank higher in search engines results.

Publish Relevant Content

When someone wants to learn about how to DIY their new study area, they don’t usually want to be taken to a site that is about baking a cake (no, this has not happened to me). But I’m trying to make a point, if you provide a plumbing service, post content about plumbing, maybe different techniques, or a new tool that you have been using. If you are a T-shirt printing company, post about printing T-shirts at home, or how to scale a T-shirt printing business.

But Carlos I’m no good at writing content. Well, there are many ways to get around that. You could hire an in-house content writer, or you could pay someone to write you an article or two a week through a website like freelancer.com or fiverr.com. Or you might be better at speaking, so posting videos is a great way to get around the writing aspect of generating content.

One of the main things that you should focus on when producing content, is that you identify and target a specific keyword phrase for each page on your website. For instance, you might have searched for “Boost SEO rank” on google and this page came up.  Which could be the key phrase I’m going for. However, good writing should never be sacrificed for SEO ranking. A great article I recently read is this one by Neil Patel, 10 ways to make your website content more relevant.

Regular Content

SEO ranking is not a set-and-forget kind of thing, search engines see updated content as a big indicator that the site is relevant to its viewers. So, keep your content fresh and consistent. This means auditing and refreshing your content on a set schedule to make updates. This schedule doesn’t have to be daily and depends on a number of factors. But consistency is a good strategy when getting a higher SEO ranking.

Having an SEO strategy means, using keywords or phrases that are related to your product or service throughout your site, in the title, meta tags in your code, or using a plugin like YoastSEO for WordPress, and making sure your URLs are short and descriptive.

Descriptive links

Links with “click here” or “learn more” do not hold any search engine value beyond the URL that they take the user to. If you, however, said something that may be more descriptive, like the actual location of the URL, like “learn about SEO”, or “Web Design Consultant”. Doing this one trick will not only boost SEO ranking, but it will also add value to your readers by showing them where to go. 

Use alt Tags on Visual Media

*What are alt tags? Alt tags are alternative text that are used to describe images or videos.*

This is one not too many people first starting out know about. I know when I started I certainly didn’t. Doing this not only benefits you and your SEO ranking, but it helps out viewers who may be using text only browsers or screen readers. So giving your images and/or videos alt tags that describe them, means that people with vision impairment can still understand the content of the image or video.

Responsive Web Design

This is a must in the day and age of the mobile phone and short attention spans. With the rate of mobile phones being used to surf the web, if your site is not responsive (does not scale to a readable size when on mobile) then viewers will not continue scrolling through your site and will leave. This tends to let search engines know that your site is not user friendly. So, make your site user friendly across all platforms. it will help your SEO ranking. Plus, visitors will usually stick around if they are on their mobile. Check out other reasons why you need a responsive website.

I hope these 5 things help you when you create your website and generate leads for your business. If you think I left anything out or you have any questions let me know in the comments or hit me up. If you want your website to rank higher in SEO and don’t know where to start.


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