Generate Leads on your website with these 5 things

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Just started up your business and building your website from scratch? Want your site to generate leads? Unsure of what to include? If yes to any or you already have a website, here are the 5 things your website needs for you to generate leads and make sales.

Who you are, what you do, and how you provide value

I think these are the three main questions that people are asking (whether they know it or not) when they come to your website. If you don’t answer one of these questions, how can people make a decision on wanting to work with you or buy your product?

I think that the key question out of the three is the last one, how does your product or service make the viewer’s life better? Will your service free up their time? Will your product make them feel and look 10 years younger?

An SEO Strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how people stumble across your website through searching keywords that relate to you and your business. This means that when someone searches for instance “T-shirt Printing” you come up under the paid ads, and to rank higher means getting on the first page of the Google search without paying for the ads. This is a long process and can take anywhere from 6-24 months, depending on the business. So, optimizing early will mean that you rank higher sooner and start generating leads earlier rather than later.

Paid ads
 Paid Ads
SEO strategy to generate leads
SEO listings

Having an SEO strategy means, using keywords that are related to your product or service throughout your site. This can be in the title, meta tags in your code, or using a plugin like YoastSEO for WordPress, and making sure your URLs are short and descriptive. There are many ways to boost your SEO ranking, so I suggest researching the basics to get you started.

(I will release an article about this in the near future)

Testimonials or case studies

This is a must for any business, whether you sell a product or provide a service. In a study by Dimensional Research, they found that information from reviews impacted the consumer’s buying decisions whether they were positive or negative reviews, 90% from the former and 86% from the latter.

The good thing about having a website means that you can show reviews that you think best align with your business that will help viewers make a decision to work with you.

Easy-to-find contact info

This is pretty self-explanatory if people can’t find where or how to contact you, how will you generate business? This could be in a form in the footer of every page, or you may just have your email, phone number and/or address. I think there is no harm in only providing your contact details, however, I like having the proactive approach of the form, as they can shoot you an email as soon as they have a question. It is also a great way to capture emails.

Responsive and readable web design

This is a must in the day and age of the mobile phone and short attention spans. With the rate of mobile phones being used to surf the web if your site is not responsive (does not scale to a readable size when on mobile) then viewers will not continue scrolling through your site and leave. Which, if you currently have a website may be the cause of your high bounce rate (the rate of visitor exits). 

responsive website design

Visitors will more often than not, just scan a website, so having too much text will be detrimental to your bounce rate. To moderate this, I suggest using icons, images and bullet points to convey messages, features and other elements that would be text-heavy otherwise. Another great way to help people scroll and scan your site, is to highlight important words or phrases by using bold, italics, or underline.

Click on this If you need some inspiration for some up and coming website designs. Or if you are wondering if your website is looking a bit dated check out this one.

I hope these 5 things help you when you create your website and generate leads for your business. If you think I left anything out or you have any questions, let me know in the comments or hit me up. Or you can book in a free website review with me here.


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