How to buy a domain for your business

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So, you want to create a website for your business? Not sure where to start and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a web designer. Here is how to quickly get your domain URL (Uniform Resource Locator) set up for your business.

Choose your domain provider

So, this can be a bit overwhelming if you are not sure what domain provider you should go with. I really believe that it doesn’t matter too much. I personally run all my client’s website through, they have great support if you run into problems while you are trying to register your domain name.

Find your domain

Okay, so I will be using (notice: If you click on this link a decision to go with GoDaddy as your domain provider, I will get a small commission as an affiliate. You will still receive your domain at a discounted price. Thanks for helping keep this blog going.) to show you the process, most domain providers operate the same way. Let’s say that I have just started a company called “Envirotrousers”, a company dedicated to making environmentally friendly pants. Okay, so we have a company name. Let’s buy our domain.

Heading over to now, we’ll type our desired domain name here.

Looking at the results page of our search, we can see that both the “.com” and the “” is available.

Because our make-believe company is going to be selling products all over the world, we’ll choose the “.com”.

When buying a domain, do I want the added extras?

This is a great question because some are useful and some really aren’t needed.

The added privacy is very handy and if you don’t want those pesky scammers, I highly recommend it. But you don’t need to go with the ultimate protection, the standard option is fine. Is it necessary? No, it is not essential, if you are on a bit of a budget then you don’t need it.

Domain website builders

The next extra is you can use GoDaddy website builder where you make your own website, I haven’t used it personally. It is free to start using, however, from inspecting the drawbacks I would not use it. From the No eCommerce tools, the basic design and the fact that once you choose a theme you won’t be able to switch without losing your progress, it is a no from me regarding the offered website builder.

The email address is not necessary, as the privacy protection, but if you are happy to use it then go ahead and add it.

Setting up an account to buy your domain

You will have to sign up to purchase your domain name unless you already have an account.

Here GoDaddy also offers their SEO options, which I wouldn’t suggest selecting as you can rank by using these 5 tips that I cover in another article.

The standard sign-in procedure is used when making an account. Once you’re signed in you will be prompted to put in your bank details to pay for the service.

Buying your domain

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Add your card details or pay with Paypal and off you go. You have just taken your first steps to setting up your very own website. Next step: buy and set up web hosting.

I hope these things help you buy a domain for your business. Want to connect your hosting to your domain, click to learn more here. If you think I left anything out or you have any questions let me know in the comments or hit me up. If you have already set up your website and think it needs a review, you can book in a free website review with me here.


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