How to connect your domain and hosting

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Welcome back to this little series about setting up your website. So, you want to connect your domain and hosting? If you haven’t yet, check out my articles on how to buy your domain name, and how to buy your website hosting. In each, I cover step-by-step how to buy each. Once you’ve done that come back to this one to complete the set-up of your website.

What’s the difference?

So, what is the difference between web hosting and domain name? Your domain name is the address of your website, think of it as the address of your house. Since the internet is made up of hard to remember numbers (for humans at least), such as 12.852.456.1, which is the IP address of your computer or website. A domain name is a unique name given to those numbers, which makes it a whole lot easier to remember.  So, on to the next question.

What is Hosting?

Web hosting is more like the actual house. This is the place where all your website’s things are kept, like the files and images. When someone goes to your domain and you don’t have any web hosting, it would be like going to an empty street block. So, why is this important? Well, they are two different services; however, they work together.

Keep ’em separated

Now, why do you want them to be separate? Well, let’s say you don’t like your house and you want to build a new one on your block. Having a separate hosting provider means that you can more easily change that provider. Or let’s say that you don’t like the neighbourhood you’re in, you could switch domain providers and move your house instead. However, having them separate means that you will need to renew both separately. Up to you on what you want to do.

Connect your domain and hosting

Like the previous guides, we will be using GoDaddy and Bluehost as examples. You will want to log into your Godaddy account.

Click on Sign in, which will bring down the user menu.

You will have to click on the sign-in button.

Enter your details and password to log in to your account. Once you have logged in, you land on your account home page which looks like the image below.

Domain settings

Now that you have landed on your account, you will be able to access your domain’s settings. Click on “manage” to continue.

From this page, you will have to scroll down until you see your Additional setting. This is where you will have to click on the “Manage DNS” link.

We will stop here for a second to find our hosting’s nameserver address.

Finding your hosting’s nameservers

To enter your hosting’s nameservers you will have to first have to figure out what they are, If you are using Bluehost as your hosting provider then your nameservers will be the same as shown in this example. I will show you how to find them using Bluehost as an example but all hosting providers should have a similar system in place.

You may have to log in to access your hosting provider’s support or help section but look for the help icon (usually a question mark).

In the search function type in “nameservers” and click search.

Click on the top link, if it isn’t the top link on your hosting provider’s site then you may have to try out the other links.

And there you go, knowing both the IP address and the URL is preferable.

Changing your domain’s nameservers

Back to GoDaddy, after clicking through to the DNS Management page. The link next to the arrow below.

We will land here.

As you can see I have already changed the nameservers over to Bluehost, but to continue you will have to change them over. Simply click on the “change” button and you will need to enter in your hosting’s nameservers.

Once you have entered them in, click save.

Now your website is ready to go

So, that’s all there is to setting up your website’s domain name and hosting. Now the fun of building your website can begin. If you would like to see more of these step-by-step guides on creating and building a website let me know.

I hope these things help you connect your domain and hosting for your website. Not sure if you missed buying your domain and hosting? Please click on the links to be taken to them. If you think I left anything out or you have any questions let me know in the comments or hit me up. If you have already set up your website and think it needs a review, you can book in a free website review with me here.


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