How to find free images for your website

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Recently I had been asked to source some free images for a website, this website had a number of pages and sections. All needing their own corresponding images. I thought I would do a quick post on how I go about finding free images that you can use on your website. I have used a few photo sharing/downloading platforms in the past, so I’ll give a quick rundown on each.

Note: These images are free, however, it is best practice to credit the photographer whose photo it is.

Unsplash is by far my favourite site to find free images, Not only is there over one million free photos, the quality usually very high. Most of the time photos are in a landscape orientation, however, you can find quite a few portrait styles which are perfect for mobile backgrounds or even posts for Instagram. The team at Unsplash also comb through their library for stunning images that get featured on the homepage, meaning that each time you come to the website you might find something that grabs your eye.


Once again very similar to, has a lot of free photos, from beautiful landscapes to dogs chilling out. One of the nice things about Pixabay is that when you download a file you can select its size, this means less editing/optimising for when using it on your website.

Pexels provide high-quality free stock images, which are able to be used completely free, even for commercial use. The photos are well tagged, making them easily searchable. If you are just browsing and click on an image, they will suggest images that are similar or done by the same photographer. Making it easy to find gems like the one below.


This one is all about food. However, their free-range of images is limited, with the rest of their library being paid. Still, with more than 1400 images I’m sure you will be able to find something for your foodie project at


Like most of the above, provide a wide range of free images. However, I find their library is a bit smaller and their search function not as precise as the platforms above. Their categories don’t seem to reflect the wide variety of images that end up being in them.  


So, that kind of wraps up the platforms that I use when looking for free images to use for client websites. I will say that I use Unpslash much more compared to the others, as their library is being constantly updated daily and the quality is usually very high.

Now that you have your free images, you might need to create your website’s layout or you might need to improve your SEO with these 5 quick tips.

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