How to Install WordPress through Bluehost

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Welcome back to this little series about setting up your website. Today’s article I will be covering how to install WordPress through Bluehost. If you haven’t yet, check out my articles on how to buy your domain name, and how to buy your website hosting. In each, I cover step-by-step how to buy each. Once you’ve done that you can check out how to connect the two. Then come back to this one to install WordPress on your website.

What’s the difference?

So, what is the difference between Bluehost and WordPress? Web hosting is like a house. This is the place where all your website’s things are kept, like the files and images. When someone goes to your domain and you don’t have any web hosting, it would be like going to an empty street block.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which needs a hosting service to run. A CMS will help you, the website owner, create the look and feel of your website. Think of a CMS as the architect of the house, you will be able to use more than just themes, but it supports other types of web content including mailing lists, forums, media galleries and online stores.

Why do I use WordPress? I use WordPress because of the many plugins that are offered to users. WordPress now has over 54,000 Plugins available, from eCommerce to website security, if you want something for your website, you’ll be able to find a plugin for it. I highly suggest reading about the 7 necessary plugins that I suggest to most of my clients.

So, let’s Install WordPress!

How to log in to your Bluehost account?

Like the previous guides, we will be using Bluehost as an example. You will want to log into your Bluehost account. If you haven’t yet bought Hosting, then head over to the article on how to set it up. Why do I choose Bluehost? They offer a very simple one-click installation. As you will see below.


Once Logged In

  1. You will want to find the My sites section and click on the Install WordPress button.
  2. Click on the Install button.
  3. Done!

Yup that easy, well kinda, now you have to start creating your site.

Creating Your Site

Since you are still on the My sites section, with WordPress installed you can now click on Create Site button shown below.


You will then have to go through the steps as follows. You will have to name your WordPress site, as well as giving it a tagline, you can choose to not show the tag line so don’t worry if you don’t want it right now.


Your Domain will be different from mine obviously, but this is where you can choose to have WordPress be just your blog, or it could be your whole site. If you only want to use WordPress on your “Blog” Page, then type blog in the Directory section.

Bluehost offers automatic plugin installation if you choose. I recommend WPForms if you want to use a form on your WordPress pages and Monster Insights are a great way to connect your site to Google Analytics. You can see which other plugins I recommend in 7 necessary plugins for WordPress.


Hit Next when you are ready to go.

That’s it!


Now your website is ready to go

So, that’s all there is to installing WordPress on your Bluehost website. Now the fun of building your website pages can begin. If you would like to see more of these step-by-step guides on creating and building a website lets me know.

Now that you have the best WordPress installed, you may need to create your website’s layout.

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