How to secure your website from hackers

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So, you want to secure your website from hackers? Don’t want to lose all your hard work and want to get rid of that pesky notice letting everyone know that your site isn’t secure. Like this one here:

What you want to be seeing is this:

Secure website

So, I will be running you through how to get that lock, to let everyone know (including hackers) that your site is secure and trusted.

Why do you need a secure site?

First things first, why is having a secure website so important? Well not only is it a risk to you and your business but to your clients and customers. Hackers can implant malware into your site if it’s not secure, which can steal your information as well as anyone who lands on your site. Most countries now have fines and penalties if there is a data breach. Consumer trust will also take a hit if your site is hacked.

Enrol in a security service

This is for those who don’t want to fiddle with their website. There are many security services now on the market so choosing can be difficult. I personally don’t use one as of writing but look to in the future. Do your research before choosing one, but most offer similar packages. An example is

Install security plugins, if possible

If you are using a CMS (content management system), like WordPress, SquareSpace, or Wix, to name a few. I suggest using a security plugin. Using WordPress as an example, adding a plugin is easy and can be activated in no time. (A plugin is just like an application for a phone or computer, I build all of my websites with the plugin Elementor, check out my article on it here.)

From your WordPress dashboard click on the Plugins option on the sidebar.

Then click on the Add New.

Using the search function, search for security.

Select which plugin you would like to install.

Install it, then activate it.

secure your website from hackers with Wordfence Security

And then you should receive this update to let you know the plugin is now working.

Keep your website up to date

Again, if you are using a CMS, it is easy to keep it up to date. You just have to update any plugins, apps or scripts that you have installed. You can check if you need to update anything quickly in WordPress by opening the dashboard and looking at the updates option on the left.

Make sure your passwords are secure

This is the obvious one guys and gals, stop using 123456 as a password. Make it unique, over 8 characters, with a mix of special characters, letters and numbers. I don’t recommend birthdays of loved ones or your dog’s name as if that information is out there, that will be guessing those first.

You can use password generators if you are having trouble figuring out what kind of password would be best for you and your accounts.

If there are many users that are on your website, I would suggest implementing a standard to follow. Your site’s security is only as secure as the weakest link. So, make sure Jeff stops using 123456 as his password.


These are my top things that you can do to secure your site without too much fussing behind the scenes, there are more in-depth articles out there that go into more backend information. If you need help buying a domain name, or setting up hosting for your website follow the links.

I hope these things help you secure your website from hackers and spam. If you think I left anything out or you have any questions let me know in the comments or hit me up. If you aren’t sure if your site is secure or not and don’t know where to start, you can book in a free website review with me here.


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