What Is Elementor for WordPress & How to Use It

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Elementor is a page builder that can be used with WordPress to build websites and web pages. With Elementor, you can build websites using pre-existing elements known as widgets.

Page builders enable you to develop custom layouts that have several rows and columns. Page builders also allow you to incorporate special features such as buttons and to view what the end product of a website will be even while you are editing it.

Elementor is especially helpful for people who are not exactly familiar with coding. Using Elementor allows you, the user, to build a fully functional website without having any knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP. All you have to do is drag around widgets to build the website you want and view it as it develops right before your eyes. Whether or not you have experience with HTML, CSS, and PHP, building a website with Elementor makes the process way easier and faster. You can even do more than you normally would with the standard WordPress editor with Elementor including the addition of complex elements to your webpages. Page builders are so handy that even professional developers make use of them sometimes as they are faster than building websites from scratch.

Also, Elementor makes things even better as you can save custom ‘templates’ for recurrent use. These templates can be used to design specific content which you can then use at different places on your website without having to develop that content every single time. This enables you to save time and be more efficient than you would normally be.

This ebook is a comprehensive guide that will enlighten you on how to buy and build a website with Elementor for WordPress. It can be used by anybody no matter their level of experience. From WordPress newbies to experts, the steps provided in this book will help you build a professional-looking website that your clients will have no choice but to love.

Elementor Free vs Pro

The Elementor Free and Pro tools are not different from each other. The difference is that the free version has just basic functionalities while the pro version has several additional functionalities that you will not find in the free “basic” version. You can start using the Elementor Free version and then upgrade to the Pro version after confirming just how useful and helpful the tool is. You would not even have to delete the free version in order to upgrade which means that you will not lose anything you were working on while using the Free version when you upgrade to the Pro version.

The free version of the Elementor plugin is accessible via the WordPress Plugin Directory. This version has 30 different widgets which you can utilize to build professional-looking webpages and posts to your taste. Building a website that is both appealing and functional with this tool is straightforward and easy.

As already mentioned, the Pro version of the Elementor tool has additional features which include about 50 new widgets not present in the Free version. Some of these new widgets were designed especially for use in building online stores. With the Pro version, you can also edit your theme and develop features such as forms, pop-ups, and dynamic content.

In making a decision as to which version to have, you should put into consideration the kind of features you want your web pages to have as well as the number of sites you want to build. If you are fine with simple features, then, go with the free version. If, however, you want advanced features with your website, then, you should definitely go with the Pro version.

Apart from the additional widgets that come with Elementor for WordPress, you also get styling options such as the ability to use more animation than usual as well as add custom CSS straight to each widget. You will also find several additional functionalities that you wouldn’t find with the actual editor.

Theme Buildеr: Elementor Prо comes with a theme buildеr functionality which will enable you to design a full WordPress site via the Elementor interface. You will able to build every part of your website such as the header, footer, blog page and so on with this tool. The theme builder functionality will, in essence, give you control over the theme of your website and allow you to determine what exactly it looks like.

This is an excerpt from my book Web Design And Using Elementor For WordPress: A short guide on creating a good looking website which can be found on Amazon.

If you think I left anything out or you have any questions let me know in the comments or hit me up. If you think your website needs a redesign and don’t know where to start, you can book in a free website review with me here.


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