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ConITo is a professional ICT service and solutions company dedicated to providing the best outcome to a number of sectors. They reached out to us with the goal of building a new website where potential clients could go to find out more about them and their services.

After answering our questionnaire, we were about to come up with an agreed upon scope of work. Which included the following:

·        Help them choose a WordPress theme to use that best suited their company values and goals.

·        Create half of the content, as the other half would be provided.

·        Find relevant images and icons that would correspond with each topic, from IT in education to Cloud and Technology to AI learning.

·        Install the best possible plugins that would help them succeed and keep their website safe and functioning.

·        Create a form that visitors could use to contact them through.

With that in mind we went on a deep dive, researching their target market, competitors and others in their industry and finding the best plugins for their specific business goals. You can read about the top 7 plugins that we found to be the best for WordPress websites.


The whole website was designed with a responsive mind set, meaning that users will have the same smooth experience on mobile as they would on a desktop or tablet. 

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