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I felt that start-ups and business owners ran into a problem when it came to hiring freelancers or talent online. Especially for new entrepreneurs, who could feel overwhelmed at the many options of freelancers and agencies.

This caused me to ask the question “Do new start-ups of businesses find it hard to find freelancers in their price range?”

Through conducting user interviews we found that users were more interested in finding trustworthy freelancers that communicated well. Budget was not one of their concerns, one user said that, 

“Graphic designers, especially good ones, are going to cost a fair bit of money.”

This caused us to pivot away from our initial hypothesis, and focus on providing freelancers that are trustworthy and communicate well. 

From our interviews we were able to create our user persona, as well as refining our problem statement. 

After looking at our competitors and completing a Comparison Matrix, we moved on to sketching our initial paper prototype. Once completing a few user tests, we could move on to wireframes with the feedback received.

With the initial wireframes completed, we conducted a few usability tests. The tests went well for the most part, two main concerns were the lack of a home button and menu icons not being clear on where they go. However, there was one main behaviour that all users completed that caused us to decide on a second pivot. 

This pivot was to focus on the freelancers in the user’s area feature, and use it as the applications main function. 

Our Final Prototype includes an onboarding process, the first part of that helps the user understand what some of the applications features are and explains how it works. The second part includes tips on screens to direct the user to search for a freelancer. this part also includes permission requests, for things like location. 

A lazy sign-up process has also been used asking users to sign up before messaging or hiring a freelancer. We felt that users should be able to see results of their searches, and to get a feel for the application before requiring them to sign up. 

Please find footage of the application below if on mobile, or to the left if on other devices. You can also check it out yourself by clicking the button below.

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