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Jeanie Candles is a small candle business that specialises in hand-poured candles. They wanted a place where customers could buy their candles other than the markets that they were already frequenting.

They also wanted to be able to send helpful tips and information to their customers, either through emails or on a blog platform. 

Together with Jeanie Candles we created their main user persona and ran some surveys to their audience. This helped establish a target market that we would design for. 

Using the WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, we were able to set up a platform for their customers to purchase candles. This also allows the team at Jeanie Candles to change or add products to their store without having to write a single line of code. 

Creating a Blog page will help Jeanie Candles give value to its customers and they will be able to show their knowledge in the field.

Providing a link between MailChimp using WordPress plugins and their site will help Jeanie Candles generate interest in new products coming out, as well as being able to notify their customers through email when sales or specials are on. 

The whole website has been designed with responsiveness in mind, allowing customers to make purchases from their phones. This is essential as most of Jeanie Candles website traffic comes from their social media accounts.


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